Time to get ARTSY

Amy Franceschini

Amy Franceschini is a sustainable artist whose compositions reflect the corruption of human’s footprints on the world.  She teaches her ideals in a myriad of institutions (Experimental Media Lab at Stanford University, the San Francisco Art Institute, California College of the Arts, Vooruit, Kunstencentrum Gent, Belgium and Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent, Belgium.) She also founded FutureFarmers in 1995 which is an internet based collaboration containing a number of artists working to illuminate the corruption they see in the world everyday by involving children everywhere. Their website says “Cultivating Consciousness since 1995” defining the exact purpose of their everyday mission through their teachings and art.

Through Amy’s life dedication, she has brought attention to the earth’s struggling ecosystem and how to better it. She has created programs, websites, and groups dedicated to bettering the world. Her motives are empowered by her passion for improvement. She has not only inspired others to improve their own life by improving the earth’s health, but she has also created different ways to live, farm, run a business, etc. all over the world. She finds inspiration in everything ranging from broken down tools to giant, wasteful buildings. Amy Franceschini is a strong woman who knows how to get her hands dirty and rally others to follow suit.

I would give Franceschini a 5 because she is creative through her organizations and what those organizations do, achieves sustainability through all of her projects which, in turn, impact society through many different ways according to each project’s individual purpose. I, personally, love her work and she inspires me to find different ways to better my community.





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